bridal FAQs


We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions for our brides so that we can expedite the booking process and put your mind at ease from the get go! Ready? Lets do this!


How do I book my wedding with Mosaic?

ONE.  Check our pricing.

TWO.   Fill out our contact form.

THREE.   We will send you a quote and confirm availability.

FOUR. If everything looks good to you, we will send you a contract.

FIVE.   Send us your completed contract and a $200 non-refundable deposit. (It can all be done electronically... you're welcome!) And your wedding is booked!

SIX.   Schedule your glam trial, sit back and relax, we’ll handle the rest.


What do I need to hold my date?

We require a completed contract that reaches our minimum as well as a $200.00 retainer. If you’re service total is less than $200, your retainer will be 50% of your total services. This retainer will be applied to your wedding day total. Although your date may be a far distance away, please remember that we book on a first come first serve basis. We don't want to pressure you but we also fill up quickly so don't wait too long. All checks and money orders should be made out to Mosaic. We accept check, cash, money order and credit for retainer payments.


Do I need to know how many people want their hair and makeup done?

When you are signing your contract, yes! Try to get your people to commit. I know its hard, especially with these things usually being booked out so far in advance.  Upgrades and downgrades are allowed within reason leading up to the wedding. The most important thing for us to know is: "How many people for makeup and how many for hair?" As long as we know how many total services we are doing, then we can book the correct number of stylists for your party. Please understand services cannot be removed the day of. Because our experts clear their books for your wedding day, they need to be compensated for their time.


How do we pay?

Your deposit can be done electronically, with a credit card. The remaining balance is paid the day before your wedding, with a card that you put on file with us. If any services are added the day of (lashes for example) you will be sent a separate invoice after the services are completed.



Can you explain your trial services?

We require each bride to book a trial for each service they are interested in for their wedding day (hair, makeup). Each trial includes one hour of your expert's time, which is enough time for one look. If we are doing both your hair and makeup, you will need a two hour trial. We book these appointments during our salon hours. Please be advised that weekend availability can be limited. The expert[s] who will be at your wedding will be the expert[s] scheduled to perform your trial services. So grab a few photos, and let us know when -we're ready! 


When should I book my trial?

We suggest booking your hair and makeup trials for at least a month in advance as soon as possible. Our stylists’ schedules fill up quickly so we need three weekday options from you and we can’t guarantee Saturday trial availability. Sometime our brides don't live locally and we have to do their trial just days before the wedding; that's fine too. (We don't do trials farther out than 3 months.)


Can I do a trial before actually booking?

Certainly! The only challenging thing about that is, we book up our wedding dates really fast, so you don't want to wait too long to do your trial.


How do you pair my team of experts up with me?

That's a fantastic question. This is based on numerous factors, their skill set, their personality and their ability to create the look and taste you've specified in your inquiry.


How do I know what style will best suit my dress, hair type & skin coloring?

That is exactly why we require coming in for a trial! During your trial, your expert will discuss some of your ideas as well as our suggestions based on your hair type. They will consider the style of your dress, if you will be incorporating a blusher and veil, your hair and skin type and most of all what flatters you.


What if I would only like to have my hair done and not my makeup, is there any way to arrange that?

That is perfectly alright! Some of our clients already have a stylist or makeup artist that they would like to work with, we play well with others. That’s exactly why we offer our services al a carte. Although we do have a $500 minimum for on location hair and makeup; services can be mixed and matched. You can receive only hair or just makeup too, if that suits your needs!


Should I have my wedding party all wear the same style?

We will treat each lady in your party individually. We want everyone to feel their best. All wedding parties are different; some opt for a more consistent look asking that we keep their hair or makeup similar and other brides allow their ladies the freedom to choose. During the trial we can discuss your opinions on this matter and try to find something that can be done for your party while considering everyone’s hair & skin type.


My hair is exceptionally curly; do you think you can manage it?

We rise to your hair challenge! Having been in this industry for as long as we have, you gain a bit of experience. In fact, curly hair is really nice to work with when trying to get fullness, body and a soft style. We can assure you that it is possible for you to have beautiful style for your wedding day.


What should I do in preparation for my big day?

Please come with a clean face and clean, dry hair. We suggest washing your hair the night before your wedding/trial. It is easiest to work with if it is squeaky clean. If your hair tends to get oily and you would like to wash it the day of the appointment that is fine too. One very important thing to remember is that your hair should not have been touched with a flat iron or curling iron. Once you've used a hot tool on your hair it is really difficult for us to get it to do what we want. Please make sure your hair is dry in time for your appointment. Unfortunately, a formal style service does not include a blow dry as it is a separate service. This can cause major time delays and an additional charge.



Do you guys put together a schedule or should we do that?

We actually caution against detail service schedules. In our experience, they cause more stress then they are worth. If any one comes in even 5 minutes late for their appointment time, that makes us wait 5 more minutes and essentially pushes you 5 minutes behind. Often, your ladies will need to grab something to eat, or to take a shower they can without having to rush to be somewhere at exactly a certain time. Also, it is hard to allot specific times as we cannot predict each guests needs. Some looks require more time, someone with thick or longer hair will take longer than someone with thinner hair, etc.

We instead ask that you have a portion of your party there when we get started. We ask to have as many ladies in the room as there are artists to get started. [Meaning, if we send 4 artists, please have 4 ladies ready for us] This way we can work with flow, in a relaxed pace without running behind. I know it sounds like organized chaos, but over the last 6 years the only weddings we've run behind on had detailed schedules. Trust us, it is very relaxing and we get everyone done much faster with less heart ache.

We will review your contract and timing and assign the number of artists that you will need to be serviced within a 4-5 hour time block. The time per service can be arranged for multiple people overlapping each other. This specific answer depends on the number of people getting services, what time you need to be ready and exactly what types of services everyone may be getting.



Are the temporary lashes included in the cost of your makeup application?

We include a pair of strip false lashes in the cost of our bridal packages. For other guests, we offer strip lashes a la carte for $10. The lash service offered on the wedding day are temporary false lashes that can be removed at the end of the night without harm to your lashes. We also offer individual semi-permanent lash extensions in our salon; which will last 2-3 weeks. 


Do you have a travel fee?

There is a $50 travel fee for each expert that works on your event. This covers our experts coming out to you. The standard travel fee covers the trial and wedding day with in a 30-mile radius of Amarilo, Texas. If your trial or wedding day services are outside of this radius we will adjust the travel fee based on the specific mileage. It is adjusted $1.50/ mile per expert outside of the radius in each direction. For weddings further than 300 miles, we require a special travel quote. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions!